The 5 respects of “SORANIWA”

Japanese Herb Garden Hotel Soraniwa is a private hotel located on the highest hill of Awajishima, the birthplace of Japan, with magnificent sky, sea and island views. We serve the healthy meal using Japanese herbs and the local ingredients, with the original recipes referred to the world style. In the room and outside, you can enjoy the herbal baths, and also to observe and touch the Japanese herbs in our garden. Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, and you can arrive directly just in only 1 hour by the express bus from Shin kobe station of the bullet train.

The traditional Japanese herbs have supported the lives of Japanese people from ancient time on many aspectsof foods, medicines, cosmetics, bathing, etc. This inherited wisdom for long time are also the secrets of the longest life expectancy of Japanese in theworld.

The healthy recipes using Japanese herbs abundantly are our original. Herbs and vegetables are taken from our gardens, and all other ingredients, such as fishes, meats, seasonings, are also local using no additives and pesticides. Some people call our food hospitality “the Japanese Ayurvedic dietary style”.

From our garden abundant in Japanese herbs, picking fresh ingredients and materials every day. You will find our garden showing different faces every season, changing leaf color throughout the year. You can also observe over 20 kinds of the herbs and experience to pick them in the garden.

The greatest view from the herbal foot bath is the ultimate luxury which the best location in the island makes. You will see many impressive landscapes, such as a clear blue sky integrated with horizontal line, fantastic sunrise, and moon shine reflected on the night sea waves. And you will feel gentle and comfortable Japanese aromas everywhere in the hotel.

The birthplace of the Japanese Archipelago, Awajishima is the island which the Japanese gods live. A long time ago, Izanagi and Izanami, the couple of the great gods, stirred the sea with a spear and one drop from the tip of their spear changed to small island which would become Awajishima. You can visit the oldest shrine in Japan, and “the first place of Japan” near from the hotel.

Written by Masaki Furuya